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Whose information should be entered in mnformation?

On the “First things First” page, only name people in your household for whom you are seeking health insurance. If there are people in your household who don't need insurance, they are added later in the process (e.g., when MNformation asks about tax filing).

“Household” is a complicated concept in Minnesota health insurance assistance eligibility. In many cases it is just your tax household—those people included on your tax return. In other cases it includes the people who live with you and are somehow related to you (i.e., it does not include roommates). If you are over age 21, it would only include your parents if your parents are part of your tax household (i.e., if you claim them or they claim you). Spouses living apart, children you support but who don’t live with you, and ex-partners who are the parent of one or more of your children are more complicated cases. If you are not sure about household composition for Minnesota insurance assistance purposes, you are strongly encouraged to contact an assister.

Remember that only Minnesota residents are eligible to use MNsure. If there is someone in your household who would like health insurance but who is not a Minnesota resident, MNformation will indicate "Not Eligible to use MNsure" at the end for that individual.  You are a Minnesota resident if you consider Minnesota your permanent home, even if you are temporarily living away (e.g., if you are a college student).

How should household income be entered in mnformation?

There is an "Advanced Income Calculator" on the "Basic Information" page to help you sort out what income to include.  In brief, for annual income, you should enter gross (pre-tax) income for each individual, as projected for 2016. You should include wages, dividend/interest/investment income, Social Security Retirement Income, rental income, and the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) of tax independent adults. Do not include child support received, veteran's payments, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or the SSDI income of dependent children who have no other income. For monthly income, enter the gross dollar income of each individual as you expect it to be in the coming month.  Often, the monthly amount is 1/12th the annual amount.  If you've recently become unemployed or changed jobs or otherwise have had some change in your employment situation, the monthly amount may be more or less than 1/12th of the annual amount.

Health Insurance offered through work

If you or a household member have the option of being covered through a health insurance plan offered by an employer—even if you declined this coverage or are not currently in an open enrollment period for that coverage—you will have to answer certain questions about that coverage when you complete a MNsure application. Generally, if you have coverage available to you through an employer then you cannot get premium assistance for health insurance through MNsure. If your income is low enough, however, you may still be eligible for Medical Assistance. And if the employer coverage doesn’t meet the health care law’s “minimum value” requirement or is unaffordable under the law's definition, that coverage does not bar you from any assistance on MNsure. Your employer can tell you whether the insurance plans it offers meet the minimum value requirement. Your employer also can provide you with information to determine whether the plan is affordable under the Affordable Care Act definition.

Medicare eligibility

Most people age 65 years old and older are eligible for Medicare. Ordinarily, if you are eligible for Medicare, even if you did not choose to enroll in it, you are not eligible to use MNsure.  When using mnformation, do not identify members of your household who are eligible for Medicare as people applying for coverage on the “First things First” page. Include information about these household members on the “Household Information about” pages. If a member of your household is over the age of 65 but not eligible for Medicare because of factors such as immigration status, he or she may be eligible for assistance through MNsure. You can use mnformation to find out about the eligibility of these household members for assistance by entering their age as 64.

People who have Medicare should contact the Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Help Desk at 651-431-2670 or 800-657-3739 or their county agency to apply for Medical Assistance and for help paying Medicare premiums and cost-sharing.